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Multisteer hydraulic steering systems

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Multiflex searching for steering systems

Multiflex and Multisteer

Multiflex manufactures inboard and outboard hydraulic steering systems under the brand name Multisteer for applications on sport, pleasure, commercial and fishing boats.

Reliability, Innovation and Technology are critical aspects when choosing a Steering and Control system for any boat. Multiflex offers performance‑driven, standards‑compliant, long‑lasting Steering and Control solutions.

Technology, which has been refined over years of experience, uses advanced manufacturing techniques, ensures prudent selection of input materials and guarantees total reliability.

World-class production process - all products are manufactured under strict quality control on the latest machines and the final product is subjected to series of tests.

Multisteer hydraulic steering systems

Multisteer Hydraulic Steering Systems

Benefits of a Multisteer hydraulic steering system are...

  • Smooth, responsive steering
  • Reliability
  • Ease of service and maintenance
  • No more seized steering cables

While selecting the best steering system for your boat consider...

  • Hull design
  • Boat length
  • Boat speed
  • Engine type
  • Engine power

Multisteer Steering Products

EN/ISO Compliant - Multiflex Multisteer steering products are tested and conform to Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft Directive 2013/53/EU.

Multisteer front hydraulic steering helm pump

Front Hydraulic Steering Helm Pump

This is an axial piston‑driven pump that draws and pushes the flow of steering fluid when the wheel mounted on the helm shaft is rotated.

Its volume determines the number of turns required hard over to guide the engine.

A lock valve prevents untimely engine movement when the helm is not operated and a pressure relief valve protects the system against unusual pressure increase.

Helm pumps available with different oil capacities to suit all applications. Features include...

  • Ball-bearing piston race
  • Built-in lock valve to safeguard feedback from the rudder
  • Integral relief valve to protect the steering system from excess pressure
Multisteer rear mount hydraulic balanced cylinder

Rear Mount Hydraulic Balanced Cylinder

The cylinder provides linear movement to the outboard motor or rudder depending on the application, steering the boat to starboard or port.

Hydraulic steering cylinder models are available to suit all applications. Features include...

  • Balanced Cylinder: The number of turns (lock to lock) are equal from port to starboard
  • SS 316L hard chrome plated Piston Rod
  • SS 316L Support Rod
  • Anodized Aluminum Tube
  • Anodized Aluminum Support Brackets
  • Installation for single and twin engines
Multisteer hydraulic hose kit and end fittings

Hydraulic Hose Kit and End Fittings

The hose tube is designed to transfer steering fluid from the helm pump to the cylinder and vice versa.

Hoses are flexible to be routed through complex or small bending radii and are tested at a higher pressure than maximum working pressure to prevent oil leakage.

Hydraulic hose features include...

  • Core: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Reinforcement: Single Braid of Synthetic Fiber
  • Cover: Polyurethane, Black Colour, Pin pricked
  • Application: Medium Pressure Hydraulic Lines up to 70 bar. Suitable for hydraulic application with increased resistance to abrasion for use with fluids in Hydraulic Steering Systems
Multisteer Hydraulic Steering System

Hydraulic Steering Fluid

MultiSteer hydraulic steering fluid with a high viscosity index is designed for operation over a wide temperature range with minimum variations in viscosity.

It contains anti‑wear, anti‑oxidation, antifoam and anti‑corrosion additives.

Professional Installation

Get all the benefits of Multisteer hydraulic steering system on your boat.

Multisteer hydraulic steering installation at Evolution Marine