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Now more than ever Simrad marine & boating electronics are more powerful and innovative. And no matter what your budget or need, there are plenty to choose from.

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People all over the world depend on quality marine products for many different reasons. Here are a handful of things we’re proud to keep on supplying.

Shop marine electrical and lighting at Evolution Marine

Marine electrical & lighting

Quality marine electrical accessories and lighting for safe operation of your boat.

  • Marine batteries, trays & isolator switches
  • Electronic battery managment system
  • Circuit breakers, fuses, fuse box
  • Switch panels, power outlets, USB points
  • Distribution bars, power studs
  • LED anchor, interior and navigation lights
  • LED light bars, strip lighting
  • LED rocket launcher, flood, underwater, transom lights
  • Marine grade silver tinned wire, battery cable
  • Johnson Pump Marine bilge pumps, deck wash kits, livewell, pressure pumps
Shop fibreglass products at Evolution Marine

Fibreglass products

More information soon!

Shop stainless steel fittings at Evolution Marine

Stainless steel fittings

Marine grade stainless steel fittings.

  • Cleats, shackles, turnbuckles
  • Rod holders, hose clamps, tie down points
  • Bilge outlets, skin fittings
  • Anchor swivels, water pickups
  • Deck plates, inspection ports
  • Valves

We can order sizes and fittings not in stock.

Shop safety products at Evolution Marine

Safety products

Boat safety and security products to keep you safe on the water and secure your boat.

  • Inflatable PFD lifejackets
  • Replacement PFD gas cylinders
  • Pains Wessex inshore / offshore flare kits
  • Waterproof flare containers
  • V-sheet
  • Propellor safety flags
  • Simrad VHF 2-way radios
  • EPIRB safety beacon, order
  • GPS tracking device
  • CCTV package
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Service your boat

If your personal preference is to work on your own boat, Evolution Marine can supply the marine oils, lubricants and quality parts for your outboard motor or inboard engine.

Shop boat service parts at Evolution Marine

Boat service parts

A range of parts for boat servicing.

  • Marine oils and lubricants
  • Fuel filters and oil filters
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel hose, primer bulbs
  • Thermostat kits, gaskets
  • Water pump impellers
  • Water separators
  • Trailer wheel bearing kits and seals
  • Trailer accessories

We can order specific parts for your outboard motor or inboard engine.

Shop boat registration numbers at Evolution Marine

Boat registration numbers

Self-adhesive boat registration numbers in black in 3 different sizes to suit all boats.

Compare our fibreglass products

More information soon!