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Haines Signature 1900S

Assessment and Plan

First, we assessed the structural integrity of the hull by using repairable test holes to examine the condition of stringers, floor and transom.

The fibreglass was in good condition but most timbers had rotted from water ingress.

We then sat down with the customer to discuss the test results, his plans, vision for the boat, dreams and budget.

1988-2021 Haines Signature 1900S ski boat

Boat restoration begins, let us transform this 33 year‑old ski boat.

Haines Signature 1900S hull wood rot

Haines Signature Hull

We replaced all stringers, fibreglassing them to our specification.

Completely sealed all marine ply for no exposed timber, so the hull would last at least another 30 years.

Externally the hull fibreglass required extensive detailing to restore to new condition, and a...

  • Partial custom wrap for black and red striping
  • Custom decal set
Haines Signature 1900S flooring and side panels

Flooring and Side panels

A new floor was fabricated with a complete fibreglass wrap underneath.

Side panels were installed for the audio system and motor controls.

All flooring was then flow coated to the customer’s colour choice.

Haines Signature 1900S and Mercury Pro XPS 225 HP 4.6L V8 outboard motor

Special Order to Mercury USA

A special motor was needed to suit the boat’s hull design and customer’s performance requirement so a custom order was sent to Mercury USA.

  • Mercury Pro XS® 225 4.6L V8 outboard motor with required driveshaft length and Sport Master gearcase
  • VesselView 502 information management system and DTS Hot Foot pedal
Haines Signature 1900S electrical fit-out

Electrical Fit-out

We installed a quality electrical fit‑out including...

  • Lightweight high capacity lithium battery
  • Power isolator switch
  • Marine-grade electrical cabling
  • SPX Flow Johnson Pump marine bilge pump
  • JL Audio marine audio system
  • VesselView 502 information management system
  • Outboard motor controls and DTS Hot Foot pedal
Haines signature 1900S custom interior with JL Audio marine audio system

Custom Interior

The boat interior had a full custom retrim to customer's specification and colour choice.

JL Audio marine audio system

A quality JL Audio marine audio system was installed for maximum audio performance...

  • MediaMaster® 100s BE premium source unit
  • MX280/4 amplifier
  • M6-770X coaxial speakers

Outboard motor and Marine products

Only the best outboard motor and world‑class marine products for this Haines Signature 1900S project boat.

Mercury Pro XS 225 HP outboard motor on Haines Signature 1900S

Mercury Pro XS® outboard motor

Mercury Pro XS® 225 HP 4.6L V8 outboard motor with Sport Master gearcase for... blistering speed, powerful acceleration, legendary reliability, incredible fuel efficiency and a lot more.

Pro XS® outboards are engineered for boaters who demand ultimate performance - powerboaters who simply crave speed and acceleration.

Exclusive components and tuning extract every ounce of performance from each Pro XS® model so you can take it to the limit.

Mercury Racing Sport Master gearcase

Mercury Racing Sport Master gearcase

The Mercury Racing Sport Master gearcase offers heavy‑duty durability for boats that travel in excess of 85 mph, with low water pickups and a crescent leading‑edge design that maximizes efficiency and speed.

Mercury VesselView 502

Mercury VesselView 502

VesselView, a fully integrated, onboard information management system that provides access to more information and data on your boat and engine functions than any other system in the boating industry.

VesselView allows you to control your vessel from an intuitive LCD screen that displays rpm, speed, fuel flow, fuel efficiency, temperature, trim, and more.

Mercury DTS Hot Foot

Mercury DTS Hot Foot

A Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) Hot Foot pedal allows you to keep both hands on the wheel during high‑speed runs.

DTS provides precise handling, seamlessly connects with compatible displays and delivers instant response and total control with no hesitation.

Multiflex Multisteer hydraulic steering on Haines Signature 1900S

Multiflex Multisteer hydraulic steering

Multiflex Multisteer hydraulic steering system fitted for responsive steering with a smooth action, reliability and easy maintenance.

Johnson Pump marine 2200 GPH heavy duty submersible bilge pump

SPX FLOW Johnson Pump Marine

Reliability on board with a Johnson Pump marine 2200 GPH heavy‑duty submersible bilge pump.

JL Audio marine MediaMaster® 100s BE source unit

JL Audio marine MediaMaster® 100s BE source unit

MediaMaster® MM100s‑BE premium weatherproof marine source unit offers great audio performance and is ideal for Powersports applications.

An ultra-bright, 3.5 inch full‑colour LCD has separate Day/Night lighting themes for outstanding visibility, even in bright sunshine.

Audiophile‑quality circuitry delivers crystal‑clear signals to high‑quality marine amplifiers.

JL Audio marine MX280/4 280 W full-range amplifier

JL Audio marine MX280/4 amplifier

MX280/4 Class D 280 W full‑range amplifier, engineered specifically for Powersports applications.

The 4-channel amplifier employs a high‑speed NexD™ switching design to deliver plenty of clean power, without straining charging systems.

JL Audio marine M6-770X marine coaxial speakers

JL Audio marine M6-770X coaxial speakers

M6-770X 7.7-inch (196 mm) marine coaxial speakers are purpose‑engineered and built for real marine duty. M6 coaxial systems deliver maximum audio performance in any open‑air boating environment.

The oversized design results in increased efficiency and excellent power handling for a speaker system truly capable of playing loud and clear in a powerboat at speed.

Custom Boat Parts and Accessories

The Haines Signature 1900S project boat required custom‑built boat parts, boat accessories and a new boat trailer.

Transtyle alloy tandem boat trailer for Haines Signature 1900S

Transtyle alloy tandem boat trailer

Transtyle Boat Trailers logo

Transtyle alloy tandem boat trailer was custom‑built to our specifications to suit the Haines Signature 1900S ski boat.

Stainless steel 316 fuel tank for Haines Signature 1900S

Stainless Steel 316 fuel tank

A custom-built marine‑grade 316 stainless steel fuel tank with 110L fuel capacity provides ample run time on the water.

Stainless steel 316 ski pole for Haines Signature 1900S

Stainless Steel 316 ski pole

A custom-built stainless steel 316 ski pole was fabricated to suit the height of the new outboard motor and finished with black powder‑coating to suit the boat.

Travel cover for Haines Signature 1900S

Travel Cover

A custom-fitted travel cover protects the boat.

Project Boat Summary

A modern take on a classic ski boat with blistering speed, powerful acceleration, reliability and fuel efficiency. Bring on the ski season. Another happy customer. Find the right fit for your needs.